Some Advice to Theresa May on Dealing with Russia



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The below article was written in early September 2016 (two months after Theresa May became the Prime Minister) by a British consultant in cultural intelligence from London. A year and half earlier I translated (into French) his highly relevant and realistic analysis on the Ukrainian conflict.

Upon reading this quite independent and non-instrumentalized Western perspective (and until very recently European too), it seemed to me interesting and useful to share it with my French and Russian  readers. The author was actually relying on Anthony Brenton’s post (former British ambassador to Russia) in The Telegraph.

How Theresa May can facilitate and improve the relationship with Vladimir Putin, utilising the basic cultural knowledge, discordant with global political correctness? This analysis, based on cultural elucidation of the Russian mentality is obviously not complete, given the brevity of the article. As such, I bring to your attention to avoid any kind of hasty judgments, as an article of just 800 words cannot capture an entire culture. In addition, this post is not really a subject to a sociological analysis.


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