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speculative-design-for-ecocentric-innovation© Bluefam

Speculative Design for Ecocentric Innovation

Why our idea of sustainable innovation is driven by anthropocentrism? And how can new design orientation help to shift to ecocentrism?

A letter from my Chinese student

Brief intercultural analysis from a former student who has truly become an international woman—to my current and future students dedicated...

The hypocrisy of asking ‘How are you?’

The Russians find it hypocritical when Westerners ask others "How are you?" without really worrying about the answer...

What value is most important to people in each country?

Have you ever wondered how each country forms your values? Infographic "No.1 VALUES IN EVERY COUNTRY": 80,000 people told what they value most in life

15 Interesting Facts About The World’s Languages

Which languages (out of the 6.000) are the most spoken OR widespread on the web? The longest alphabet and acronym in the world...

Planet Earth Is You. Must see and share!

Truthful video about destruction of the planet by humans. Wake up and share to stop that!