Tolerance For The Sake Of Multiculturalism

Tolerance For The Sake Of Multiculturalism? 🎙️ Myriam Callegarin

What happens today will have an impact on our future! Do you believe that multiculturalism is an empty, abstract notion? And tolerance?

Technology And Humans

Answering to my students about technology, social intelligence & ethics, languages, cultures & culture shock, adaptation in globalization…
speculative-design-for-ecocentric-innovation© Bluefam

Speculative Design for Ecocentric Innovation

Why our idea of sustainable innovation is driven by anthropocentrism? And how can new design orientation help to shift to ecocentrism?
The Bicycle Horn : Vision, Identity and MasculinityTeun Hocks

The Bicycle Horn : Vision, Identity and Masculinity

The sound of a bicycle horn might move one forward on their life or career goals. Why and how a childhood gift may influence the rest of an adult’s life.

A letter from my Chinese student

Brief intercultural analysis from a former student who has truly become an international woman—to my current and future students dedicated...

Why our IQ levels are higher than our grandparents’

Interesting facts about "Flynn effect" — IQ evolution of new generations in comparison with those before it during last 100 years

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Intelligence Needed!

Intelligence and awareness are really necessary in the collective consciousness of nowadays Homosapienses (caricatures gallery for better understanding)