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speculative-design-for-ecocentric-innovation© Bluefam

Speculative Design for Ecocentric Innovation

Why our idea of sustainable innovation is driven by anthropocentrism? And how can new design orientation help to shift to ecocentrism?

A letter from my Chinese student

Brief intercultural analysis from a former student who has truly become an international woman—to my current and future students dedicated...

What is the right strategy to win a tender and why?

How comes that you never win tenders? What you need to know from a research about a tender's functioning to finally avoid losing...

Why people are (always) looking for a new job?

Over half or maybe even 3/4 of the population in the nowadays world is not satisfied and undergo constant discomfort in their job

Tag Archive for: Thinking


Virtual Life

Social networks; never-ending deceivable self-marketing vs. deceptive real profiles. All about virtual life (caricatures gallery for better understanding)

Intelligence Needed!

Intelligence and awareness are really necessary in the collective consciousness of nowadays Homosapienses (caricatures gallery for better understanding)

Democracy & Freedom of Speech

The global democracy is sick of many disabilities diagnosed. The lie mingled with political correctness uproots the freedom of speech and the free thinking

Gifted & Atypical People

A few caricatures for better understanding of atypical people (minds) within the society of the typical mindset...

Education & Religion

Education system; religion and faith vs. reasoning (caricatures gallery for better understanding)

The Human Society…

The human society in all its splendor (caricatures gallery for better understanding)

Annihilation Of Our Own Environment?

Nature, animals, livestock, hunting, trees and forests... In the nutshell everything about our environment (caricatures gallery for better understanding)

Capitalism or Human Greed?

What's the link between the greed in human nature and our beloved capitalism (caricatures gallery for better understanding)