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Do women contribute to the glass ceiling and how?

The gender pay gap exists. Breaking the glass ceiling seems impossible. But how can women solve this sociological issue?

What is the right strategy to win a tender and why?

How comes that you never win tenders? What you need to know from a research about a tender's functioning to finally avoid losing...

Some Advice to Theresa May on Dealing with Russia

How Theresa May can improve the relationship with Russia, utilising the basic cultural knowledge, discordant with global political correctness?

Why people are (always) looking for a new job?

Over half or maybe even 3/4 of the population in the nowadays world is not satisfied and undergo constant discomfort in their job

Reality of corporate meetings and of notion “expert” (video sketch)

A parody of a corporate meeting characterizing nowadays society and its business codes and attitudes — whatever the culture! Laughs and good food for thought in the same video