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A letter from my Chinese student

Brief intercultural analysis from a former student who has truly become an international woman—to my current and future students dedicated...

The hypocrisy of asking ‘How are you?’

The Russians find it hypocritical when Westerners ask others "How are you?" without really worrying about the answer...

Why the education system needs to be changed?

The best explanation of the education system's paradigm and its weaknesses in the world. How should we change our approach?..

Why our IQ levels are higher than our grandparents’

Interesting facts about "Flynn effect" — IQ evolution of new generations in comparison with those before it during last 100 years

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Anton Malafeev, short pro presentation page

About Anton Malafeev and his occupation: teaching, training, writing, consulting (in French, Russian and English)—Social Intelligence & Ethics

Teaching and Training: “Social Intelligence & Intercultural Ethics”

'Out of the box' training for a better coexistence in society ✦ Pedagogical method by Anton Malafeev: "Social Ethics at School & in Business"

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Intelligence Needed!

Intelligence and awareness are really necessary in the collective consciousness of nowadays Homosapienses (caricatures gallery for better understanding)