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High employee turnover in China is not a matter of money

What motivates people in China? What makes them loyal and engaged? And why Chinese manufacturing costs are increasing?

Cultural Analysis Of Economic Paradoxes

Could religions explain why the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic countries are more efficient in business and have better economic functioning?

Why the education system needs to be changed?

The best explanation of the education system's paradigm and its weaknesses in the world. How should we change our approach?..

15 Interesting Facts About The World’s Languages

Which languages (out of the 6.000) are the most spoken OR widespread on the web? The longest alphabet and acronym in the world...

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Programmes, Programs, Программы, Diversity, Intercultural, Cross-cultural, Sociology, Cultural Intelligence. Diversité, interculturel, sociologie, intelligence interculturelle. Разнообразие, разнородность, межкультурный, социология, межкультурный интеллект,Anton Malafeev

Programs “Social Intelligence and Intercultural Ethics”

Examples of educational programs for schools, universities, (Executive) MBA, Masters and training programs for business

Teaching and Training: “Social Intelligence & Intercultural Ethics”

'Out of the box' training for a better coexistence in society ✦ Pedagogical method by Anton Malafeev: "Social Ethics at School & in Business"

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Intelligence Needed!

Intelligence and awareness are really necessary in the collective consciousness of nowadays Homosapienses (caricatures gallery for better understanding)