Why people are (always) looking for a new job?

Despite the fact that this is an American study of 2014, we can easily guess that this tendency keeps rising and may be applied to every country. What might it tell us sociologically speaking?


Over half or maybe even three-fourths of the population in the nowadays “modern & globalized” world is not satisfied and undergo constant discomfort in their professional environment:

  • under-appreciated,
  • stressed-out,
  • overworked (which hardly concerns the French workers with the 35-hour work week),
  • underpaid,
  • bad work-life balance,
  • no career advancement,
  • glass ceiling (essentially for women).

In fact, few people really fit into the existing system. So, should we possibly start thinking differently?

Instead of that, thousands of articles are popping up on the web about “Why You SHOULD ALWAYS Be Looking For A New Job“ and “what to say to the new employer about why you are (constantly…) looking for a new job”. This is so American…

And in some countries, if you change jobs too often, headhunters will tell you “You are not stable”. No, really?

Sorry for this well-worn reflection, but what is going on in this so-called “not perfect but the best ever coined economic system”—capitalism? Will people one day wake up and realize we need to rethink and modernize the system, based on the ownership of the capital as the highest meaning of life, theorized and implemented more than 250 years ago?

Bloody money. Always more. No limits. I’m not promoting communism. If someone works more or has better skills, it is normal he or she earns more. But what normal person who has millions, for instance, may need even more? Who may need one billion? What for?

I don’t think egalitarianism is good or even possible in human society. Even in the animal world there are hierarchy and adjacent rights. But this blind race for money (capital) destroys the human race from the inside and everything that surrounds us at the same time!

The new trend of the sharing economy and socially responsible management is trying to bring a new business approach to people, but is it enough for a global change in our capital-based society? Do you have anything to say in your defense, Ladies and Gentlemen capitalists?

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