“Human interactions in all aspects of life”.
Philosophical sociology of coexistence in society and in business.


Wounded Boys and Men – Masculinity in American Culture

Do you find Americans aggressive? See how American culture defines masculinity and you may change your point of view, or at least look at things from another angle

A letter from my Chinese student

Brief intercultural analysis from a former student who has truly become an international woman—to my current and future students dedicated...

The hypocrisy of asking ‘How are you?’

The Russians find it hypocritical when Westerners ask others "How are you?" without really worrying about the answer...

High employee turnover in China is not a matter of money

What motivates people in China? What makes them loyal and engaged? And why Chinese manufacturing costs are increasing?

Cultural Analysis Of Economic Paradoxes

Could religions explain why the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic countries are more efficient in business and have better economic functioning?

What value is most important to people in each country?

Have you ever wondered how each country forms your values? Infographic "No.1 VALUES IN EVERY COUNTRY": 80,000 people told what they value most in life

Expat Population Of The World — figures

Infographics with interesting statistics on current expats' trends worldwide, their financial flows and eloquent comparisons

15 Interesting Facts About The World’s Languages

Which languages (out of the 6.000) are the most spoken OR widespread on the web? The longest alphabet and acronym in the world...